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Material Options

Myhome Wallpaper Factory provides following wall mural inkjet printing materials for your choice:
Embossed PVC or Embossed Vinyl wall mural, Leather-like PVC or Leather Like vinyl wallpaper mural, Non-woven paper mural, Non-woven Fabric wall mural, Canvas wall murals, Golden Foil wall murals. .

Choose from the materials we provide to assure better printing effect for your selected wall mural image.

Following pictures show the detailed texture for each material:

1.Embossed PVC wall mural:

Some customer also called it as Embossed Vinyl wall mural:

Deep embossed vinyl wallpaper mural specially for those image with lower resolution:

2. Leather Liked PVC wallpaper mural:

Or called Leather like vinyl wall mural:

3. 3M removable self adhesive wall mural(prepasted mural)

4. Canvas Wallpaper mural:

5. Non-woven paper wall mural is a durable material and give the best effect on image:

6. Non Woven Fabric Wall Mural: