CAS 9004-65-3 HPMC Used as Chemical Auxiliary Agent in Water Based Paint, Wallpaper Adhesive in Construction

CAS 9004-65-3 HPMC Used as Chemical Auxiliary Agent in Water Based Paint, Wallpaper Adhesive in Construction

Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose
CAS: 9004-sixty five-three
Method: C12H20O10

Other Names HPMC
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose
CAS 9004-sixty five-three
Chemical Formula C12H20O10
Molecular Bodyweight 324.285
inchi InChI=1/C36H70O19.C20H38O11/c1-19(37)nine-forty five-seventeen-27-29(forty seven-11-21(three)39)31(forty eight-twelve-22(four)40)34(fifty one-fifteen-25(7)43)36(54-27)55-30-28(eighteen-forty six-ten-20(2)38)fifty three-35(52-16-26(eight)forty four)33(fifty-fourteen-24(6)forty two)32(30)forty nine-13-23(5)411-21-nine-11-13(23-3)15(24-4)eighteen(27-seven)twenty(thirty-eleven)31-14-twelve(10-22-two)29-19(28-8)17(26-six)sixteen(14)25-five/h19-44H,nine-18H2,1-8H311-20H,nine-10H2,1-8H3/t19?,20?,21?,22?,23?,24?,twenty five?,26?,27-,28-,29-,30-,31+,32+,33-,34-,35-,36+eleven-,twelve-,thirteen-,fourteen-,15+,sixteen+,17-,18-,19-,20+/m11/s1
Melting level 1.39
Boiling Stage 1101.five degC at 760 mmHg
Flash Stage 619.nine degC
Drinking water Solubility SOLUBLE
Vapor Stress 0mmHg at 25 degC
Physical Property density one.39 drinking water SOLUBLE
software dispersant, suspending agent, emulsifier, suspension stabilizer, stabilizer, film previous, drinking water reXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. agent
Security Terminology S24/25 – Keep away from contact with skin and eyes
Resources one,two-epoxypropane, methanol, caustic soda, absorbent cotton, hydrochloric acid, chloromethane

HPMC is an EPTant assortment of nonionic cellulose combined ether. It is odorless, tasteless and non-toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c.The concluded solution is of white powEPTor unfastened fiber or granularity through eighty Mesh Sieve. It will not respond with heavy metals. In the finished product the methoxy content material and the hydroxypropyl material proportion is diverse.And the viscosity is various,it turns into the functionality in various variety. HPMC is actually a Methyl cellulose modified by epoxy methane (MMP) , so it has the comparable qualities of becoming soluble in cold water , and is far more soluble in natural solvents than in water. It is soluble in anhydrous methanol and ethanol, as effectively as chlorinated hydrocarbons these kinds of as dichloromethane, Trichloroethane, and organic solvents these kinds of as acetone, isopropanol and diacetone alcohol.
Producing Approach:
This solution is a semi-artificial 2-hydroxypropyl ether Methyl cellulose It can be created by two approaches: (1) managing cotton fiber or wooden pulp fiber with caustic soda, and then successively reacting with chloromethane and one,2-epoxypropane, which is refined and crushed (2) treating with suited grade Methyl cellulose and sodium hydroXiHu (West Lake), and reacting with 1,2-epoxypropane unEPThigh temperature and strain to an best diploma, therefore being refined. The molecular weigEPT assortment is ten thousand something 1500000.
HPMC can be geared up in batch manner and steady method. Intermittent kind is soon after the cellulose alkalization treatment method, right after pressing, crushing, experienced, in the autoclave and etherifying agent etherifying response to make crude items. The constant sort does not need to have to be pressed, crushed and matured. After alkalization, it is convenient for etherification response in high-stress pipeline reactor and steady feeding and discharging. The preparing of HPMC largely uses the liquid section approach, due to the fact the uniformity of items produced by this strategy is excellent. EPTly, 35% ~ fifty% lye is used to get ready alkali cellulose, and the mass ratio of cellulose to lye is 1:.5 ~ 2.6.
This merchandise is white or comparable white fibrous or granular powder odorless .This solution is almost insoluble in anhydrous ethanol, ether or acetone.
It swells into a distinct or slightly cloudy colloidal solution in cold drinking water.
1. EPTke this solution 1 G, heated Water (eighty degC 90 degC a hundred ML) , stirred to kind a slurry, cooled in ice bathtub, to type a viscous liquid in a 2 Ml take a look at tube, a .035% anthrone sulfuric acid solution lm was slowly extra aEPT the Tube Wall and remaining for five minutes, demonstrating a blue-green ring at the interface amongst the two liquids.
2. Identification (1) unEPTthe sum of viscous liquid, pour on the glass plate, as soon as the water evaporation, forming a layer of tough movie.
three. To retrieve this merchandise. five G, evenly dispersed in fifty ML boiling water, electromagnetic stirring to type insoluble slurry, electromagnetic stirring to great the slurry to one CTC to form a clear or slightly turbid solution, incorporating fifty ml drinking water, electromagnetic stirring and heating EPTltaneously, at a fee of two times 5X: For every Moment, the flocculating temperature to produce turbidity must not be lower than fifty degC.
middotIf the marked viscosity is less than 600 MPA middot S, the viscosity shall be eighty% one thing a hundred and twenty% of the marked viscosity according to technique one and 75% one thing 140% of the marked viscosity in accordance to approach two if the marked viscosity is better than or equivalent to 600 MPA middot S.
middotEPTke the proper volume of this product (calculated according to the dried product) , Add 90X: drinking water to make two.% C G / G solution, stir totally for about ten minutes, right up until the particles are evenly dispersed and moistened and there are no undissolved sample particles on the interior wall of the bottle. Awesome in an ice bathtub, carry on stirring during cooling to eliminate air bubbles, adjust the weigEPT with cold drinking water if required, and eliminate all the foam as the sample resolution.
middotMethod 1: At 20 T . L C, according to the outflow time not considerably less than 200 seconds, employing the appropriate inner diameter of UBBELOEPTE viscometer to figure out the remedy of the kinematic viscosity (V, and unEPTthe same conditions to decide the density of remedy (p)
middotMethod two: At twenty T . R C, decide on suitable one-column rotational viscometer Brookfield variety LV product or equal viscometer according to the following table conditions to determine the EPT rule 0571 3rd technique) , rotate for 2 minutes, stop for 2 minutes, then repeat the experiment two times, get the regular of the three experiments.
Include 1. g of the product to fifty ML of h2o at 90 ml whilst stirring, put it in chilly, add drinking water to make the solution 100 ml, stir till the answer is totally dissolved, establish in accordance to legislation (EPT rule 0571 , Ph worth should be five-eight)
Drinking water insoluble Matter:
EPTke this solution from drinking water insoluble matter one. G, in a Beaker, warmth the h2o (80-90X-)100ML swelling about fifteen minutes, then amazing in the ice bathtub, add 300ml of water with higher viscosity of the sample can appropriately improve the quantity of drinking water, to make certain that the resolution is filtered) , and fully stir, with 105 degC drying to the continual weigEPT of 1 vertical melting glass crucible filter, beaker with h2o wash, clean the liquid and the above vertical melting glass crucible, filter, drying at 105C to the consistent weight, residue must not be more than 5mg(.five%) .
Drying WeigEPT Decline:
EPTke this product, drying at one hundred and five degC for two hours, weigEPT loss shall not be considerably less than 5.% EPT rule 571.
SCORCH residue:
EPTke one. g of this item, check in accordance to law (EPT rule 0841), residue ought to not exceed 1.five% .
Large Metals:
EPTke the residue still left unEPTthe burning residue and check according to regulation (EPT rule 0821, next law) , conXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. no a lot more than 20 components per million of hefty metals.
Arsenical salt:
EPTke this merchandise 1. g, include calcium dihydroXiHu (West Lake) one. g, combine, include water to stir evenly, right after drying, initial with a tiny fireplace burning to carbonize, then in 600 c burning to fully ash, set cold, incorporate hydrochloric acid 5ml and h2o 23tnl to dissolve, in accordance to the 1st regulation of the EPT rule 0822) , ought to comply with the regulation .0002% .
HPMC-articles determination:
Methyl chloride is used for this product Methoxy, ethoxy, hydroxypropyloxy technique (EPT rule 0571 ) . If the 2nd approach (volumetric method) is used and the solution is precisely weighed, the methoxy articles (% minus the merchandise of the hydroxypropyloxy content (% occasions 31 / 75×093) is decided in accordance to the legislation.

Hydroxypropyl chloro get this item, according to methoxy, ethoxy, hydroxypropyloxy strategy (EPT rule 0571 take a look at if the use of the next approach (volumetric method) , just take this merchandise . 1 G, precision weighing, in accordance to the law, that is, get.


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CAS 9004-65-3 HPMC Used as Chemical Auxiliary Agent in Water Based Paint, Wallpaper Adhesive in Construction

CAS 9004-65-3 HPMC Used as Chemical Auxiliary Agent in Water Based Paint, Wallpaper Adhesive in Construction