Chameleon Color Changing Pearl Pigment Powder

Chameleon Color Changing Pearl Pigment Powder

Chameleon Shade Altering Pearl Pigment Powder

As a leading maker of pearl pigments, we make more than 200 colours. All of our pigments can be employed in Plasti Dip for Dipping Your Auto. We are the great provider of colour pigments for plasti dip businesses in United states and Europea. The only way to get a real metallic pearl customized plasti dip complete, or a ture chemeleon colour change auto dip.

EPT Car paint pigments come in a broad range of colors. Some have a metallic seem. Some are brigEPT colors. A lot of look pearlescent. A number of are duo tones in which the shade appears diverse depending on your angle of viewing and/or the base color underneath them. Some are interference shades are off-white, but look like a distinct shade when utilised on darkish floor.

Pearl pigments from EPT give EPT aesthetic attributes to Plasti Dips when dipping your autos.

The considerable benefits

– distinctive metallic brilliance

– outstXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. ligEPT fastness

– very good hiding EPT and higher color strength

– outstanding heat resistance

– excellent colour steadiness during the powEPTcoating curing approach

– excellent EPTstability

Recommending to you Kolortek Collection Pearls:
KT-one hundred Silver White Series Pearls
KT-200 Interference Collection Pearls
KT-three hundred Gold Sequence Pearls
KT-500 Metal Luster Series Pearls
KT-800 Dreamstar Collection Pearls
KT-900 Chameleon Sequence Pearls

EPT amp Shipping Specifics:
25kg For every drum/carton, 300kg For each pallet
If we have stocks, inside of two weeks If not, inside 4 weeks.

Samples is available, we have a samples pack which includes all our two hundred colours, 2-3 grams each color. However, make sure you truly feel cost-free to get in touch with us for much more quantities if you need.

Chameleon Color Changing Pearl Pigment Powder

Chameleon Color Changing Pearl Pigment Powder