Emulsion Stabilizer Chemicals Poly Anionic Cellulose PAC for Well Drilling Oil Drilling

Emulsion Stabilizer Chemicals Poly Anionic Cellulose PAC for Well Drilling  Oil Drilling

PAC Poly anionic Cellulose

PAC(Poly anioniccellulose)
Poly anioniccellulose (Poly anionic cellulose) is abbreviated as PAC, which is a water-soluble cellulose ether by-product acquired by chemical modification of natural cellulose. It is an EPTant water-soluble cellulose ether. Normally its sodium salt is extensively utilized in oil drilling. EEPTly brine wells and offshore oil wells.

Drilling fluid PAC StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd
Physical and chemical index

Item Index
Diploma of substitution(D.S) ge .nine
Moisture (%) le ten
PH price(twenty five ordmC) 5.five-eight.5

Application overall performance index

Item Index
Filtration(sample dosage .57%),mL le 20 25 twenty five
Filtration(sample dosage .86%),mL le 15
Filtration(sample dosage one.fourteen%),mL le 10
Yield strength(sample dosage .57%),Pa ge2.5 le0.5
Generate toughness(sample dosage .86%),Pa ge9.five
Produce strength(sample dosage 1.14%),Pa ge19.
Apparent viscosity,mPa.s le25

1.As a ligEPT yarn sizing agent as an alternative of starch in the textile market
two. In papermaking,boost the EPTitudinal energy and smoothness of paper, and increase the oil resistance and ink absorption of paper
3. Preparation of soap and synthetic detergent in the everyday chemical market
four.LaEPT stabilizer in rubber market
five. Loss-of-filtration brokers and viscosity-increasing agents in the drilling market
6. In addition, in coatings, foodstuff, cosmetics, ceramic powder, leather-based and other good chemical processing as a thickener, emulsion stabilizer, crystallization avoidance agent, thickener, binder, suspending agent, drinking water retention agent, dispersion Agent.


  1. White or ligEPT yellow powEPTor granules, tasteless and non-toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c, powerful hygroscopicity, simply soluble in cold water and sizzling water.
  2. Large degree of substitution: .eighty five-one.4.
  3. Warmth-resistant stability: The functionality of the aqueous solution is secure under 80 deg C, and it can even now display a specific viscosity when the temperature reaches close to 150 deg C and can keep about 48h.
  4. Acid and alkali resistance and salt resistance: The pH value is secure in the variety of 3-eleven, which can be employed in various polar severe environments.
  5. Excellent compatibility: It is compatible with other cellulose ethers, h2o-soluble gums, softeners, resins, etc . when the diploma of substitution of PAC exceeds 1.2, it slowly demonstrates oil solubility.
  6. Very good solubility: it can be dissolved in cold water and very hot water quickly with simple stirring gear hot drinking water dissolves more rapidly instantaneous PAC can be fully dissolved inside minutes, tremendously improving the ease of use And efficiency.
  7. Great stability: PAC aqueous remedy has ligEPT security, EPTer shelf daily life, strong anti-bacterial mildew performance, and does not ferment.
  8. Really reduced utilization: Due to the higher diploma of substitution and substantial steadiness of PAC itself, unEPTthe identical use setting, its dosage is only equivalent to 30% -sixty% of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), to a particular extent This minimizes the price of making use of the EPTrprise. It has large expense efficiency advantages meanwhile, it will save raw materials usage and has larger financial and social benefits.
  9. The principal uncooked materials of poEPTnionic cellulose (PAC) is refined cotton, which has no pharmacological impact, is physiologically harmless, and the creation approach is environmentally friendly.
  10. PoEPTnionic cellulose can be utilised for deep effectively large temperature downhole operations.
  11. Broad application range and vast adaptability to drinking water. It is effortless to kind large alum bouquets rapidly and has excellent precipitation performance. The ideal pH variety is broad (between five and 9), and the pH and alkalinity of the taken care of water decreases slightly. When the drinking water temperature is reduced, a secure precipitation impact can even now be maintained. Alkalinity is increased than other aluminum and iron salts, and it has less influence on tools erosion.

Drilling fluid PAC StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd
Actual physical and chemical index

Merchandise Index
Degree of substitution(D.S) ge .9
Dampness (%) le 10
PH benefit(25 ordmC) five.five-8.five

Application efficiency index

Item Index
Filtration(sample dosage .fifty seven%),mL le twenty 25 25
Filtration(sample dosage .86%),mL le 15
Filtration(sample dosage one.fourteen%),mL le ten
Produce strength(sample dosage .57%),Pa ge2.5 le0.5
Generate power(sample dosage .86%),Pa ge9.five
Yield strength(sample dosage one.14%),Pa ge19.
Evident viscosity,mPa.s le25

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Emulsion Stabilizer Chemicals Poly Anionic Cellulose PAC for Well Drilling  Oil Drilling

Emulsion Stabilizer Chemicals Poly Anionic Cellulose PAC for Well Drilling  Oil Drilling