Ethylene Process PVC Resin Sg5 K68 K67for Fittings and Pipes

Ethylene Process PVC Resin Sg5 K68 K67for Fittings and Pipes

1.PVC Resin Description

PVC Resin is the most broadly uncooked materials used in plastic generation. It has excellent chemical steadiness, corrosion resistance and
drinking water resistance. It can be dissolved in acetone, hydrochloric ether, ester and some alcohol. It can offer great solubility, very good
electrical insulation, thermo plasticity
and membrance forming capacity.

Primary Functions of PVC Resin:
White powder, it will seem different actual physical and mechnial homes right after include different additives to it.
It has far better quality of mechanic function, anticorrosion, dielectric and anti-chemcials.

Major Qualities of PVC Resin:
It is thermoplastic, insoluble in h2o, gasoline and ethanol, expXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ble or soluble in ether, ketone, fatty chlorohy-drocarbons
or aromatic hydrocarbons with robust anti–corrosiveness, and great dieletric property.

two.PVC Resin Specification

Parameter Grade
StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd: GB5761-1993 SG3 SG5 SG8
Viscosity ml/g one hundred thirty five-127 118-107 86-73
K-Benefit seventy two-70 sixty seven-65 59-fifty five
Regular diploma of Polymerization 1300 /-fifty a thousand /-50 seven hundred /-fifty
Amount of impurity particles le 16 sixteen 20
Volatile articles (incl. water) % le .3 .four .four
Obvious density ge .forty two .forty eight .five
Particle measurement ge .25mm le 2 two .four
ge .063mm ge 95 ninety five ninety five
Amount of Fish Eye (/400 cm2) le 20 20 thirty
Plasticizer absorption of 100g resin ge 26 19 22
Whiteness (one hundred sixty degC, after 10 min.) % ge 78 seventy eight seventy five
VCM Residue PPM le 5 5 5

3.PVC Resin Purposes

PVC SG5 is for pipes, fittings, panels, calendaring, injection, moulding profiles, and sXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) it can also utilised in clear
goods, difficult tube, hard write-up, filament sleeving shaped content etc.
other PVC Resin kinds utilization:
SG3 is for films, hoses, leathers, wire cables and other EPT function soft merchandise.
SG7: it is popular use in production the substance of bottle and clear, for the creation of difficult injection tube and
perchloro-ethylene resin and many others.
SG8 has very good hardness and high power, generally used for bottles, sheets, calendaring, rigid injection and moulding pipes.
PVC Resins commonly utilised in the generation of drinking water pipe, chemical pipe, plastic windows and doors, EPT film, plastic carpet,
plastic ceiling, sanitary fitting, leatheroid, plastic wallpaper and so on.
1. pvc delicate goods
It can be made of hoses, cables, wires, plastic sXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake), sneakers, slippers, toys, automobile components etc.
2. pvc foam items
Employed for foam slippers, sXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake), insoles, and anti-vibration cushioning EPT material, Rigid PVC sheet and profiles,
it is a new constructing materials.
three. pvc movie
The clear movie can be utilised for greenhouses, plastic greenhouses and plastic movie mulch. It can also be utilized for
EPT bags, raincoat, desk cloth, curtains, inflatable toEPTetc.
4. pvc coated goods
To make leather-based baggage, purses, guide covers, couch and car seat,and so on. As properly as floor covering, flooring materials for buildings

four.EPT and Loading

25kgs pp or kraft paper bag, 17MT per 1*20FCL 25MT for each one*20FCL
one thousand Jumbo Bag, 18MT for each 1*20FCL

Ethylene Process PVC Resin Sg5 K68 K67for Fittings and Pipes

Ethylene Process PVC Resin Sg5 K68 K67for Fittings and Pipes