Rubber Filler Grade Super White Kaolin Nano Grade

Rubber Filler Grade Super White Kaolin Nano Grade

Rubber filler quality Tremendous White kaolin Nano quality

Kaolin has a variety of applications which are grouped in 3 major regions: paper, ceramics and refractories.

Demand is most in the manufacture of paper in which it performs two separate capabilities- as a filler to improve printing characteristics and as a coating pigment to increase the area houses of the paper these kinds of as the brightness, smoothness, gloss and ink receptivity etc.

In the ceramics business the principal operate of kaolin is to impart whiteness . Its major employs are in vitreous china sanitaryware, table ware, wall tiles, electrical porcelain #8230

Kaolin is used in refractories the place it is valued for its alumina content.

Efficiency mineral purposes use kaolin as fillers in paint, rubber , plastics and adhesives and sealants and prescription drugs.

Other EPTant employs incEPT the manufacture of white cement and glass fibre.

CS-102 Kaolin Specification

Product CS-102
EPTness(T457) 93.five%min
SiO2 fifty two+/-two
Al2O3 forty five+/-2
Particle Measurement (-2micron)% 95
Particle Measurement (-10micron)% 99.5
Refractivity 1.sixty two
Screen residue (325 mesh %) .005
Oil Absorbency (g/100g) sixty+/-3
PH five.five-seven.
Humidity (%) .5max

CS-103 Kaolin Specification

Examination Project StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd index benefit
Whiteness ninety two.7%
Oil absorption benefit(g/100g) 36.4
Dampness .003%
Display screen EPTngs 1250um .0018%
PH six.eight
Al2O3 45.31%
TiO2 .27%
Fe2O3 .25 %
SiO2 48.twelve%
MgO .twelve%
K2O .04%
CaO .11%
Na2O .04%

CS-104 Kaolin Specification


GE Brihtness


Particle size(-two mum,%)


regular grain size ( mum)


Monitor residue(325mesh,%)


oil absorption(g/100g)

sixty plusmn5



Dispersion(Hegman, mum)




Kaolin for Filler Series Specification

Kaolin for Filler Collection
No. of Solution CS-2 CS-3A CS-3 CS-4B CS-five CS-six CS-seven
SiO2 % le48 le48 48-50 le48 le50 le49 le49
Al2O3 % ge37 ge36.5 ge36 ge36.five ge35. ge35. ge35.
Fe2O3 % le0.forty le0.80 le1.00 le1.00 le1.three le1.30 le1.
Particles (-two mum)% ge80 ge55 ge42 ge55 ge60 ge40 ge50
Screen Residue (325 mesh) % le0.01 le0.02 le0.09 le0.02 le0.02 le0.02 le0.02
EPTness eighty five-86 ge84.five ge83 ge81. 72 plusmn2. eighty four plusmn1. eighty five plusmn1.
Dampness % le2. le1.five le2. le1.5 le2. le2. le2.
LOS % lt15.5 lt12. lt13. lt12.
PH 4.-six. 4.-6. five.-7. four.-6. 3.-5. 3.-five. 4.-6.
Despersion % lt0.02 lt0.06 lt0.06 lt0.05
EPT 25/50 kgs PP Bag/800KG/BAG,1000KG/BAG

Rubber Filler Grade Super White Kaolin Nano Grade

Rubber Filler Grade Super White Kaolin Nano Grade